Strongman Training for Cardio and Strength

Strongman Training for Cardio and Strength

If you are like me you always try to find excuses not to do cardio. I can’t think of anything that is more boring than 30 minutes on a stationary bike. If you want to do more in less time you should definitely add Strongman training to your workout schedule. It will improve all your main lifts and it is a fun (brutal) way to get condition work done. You can do it after a normal lifting session or you can have separate days for this. I will introduce you the best strongman exercises you can do with Radien Sports Strongman Sandbag. All these will improve your core, grip, and upper back strength.

  1. Atlas Stone lifts

Atlas Stone is the classic strongman event and now you can do it even at your home gym. Fill up the Radien Sports Strongman Sandbag half full and find a high sturdy platform where you can lift the bag.

You can also lift the bag to your shoulder if you don’t have any platform available.

  1. Farmer’s Walk

Use heavy weights and go as far as you can. It is so simple but HARD. If you have two Radien Sports Strongman Sandbags you can fill them up to 165 lbs. Use those padded handles to protect your hands. You can also try Staggered Farmer’s Walks.

Suitcase Carry

Same as Farmer’s Walk but with one arm. Stay as tall as possible and avoid leaning toward the side with the weight. That would negate the work your core needs to do and might be hazardous to your lower-back health. This is a real challenge to your obliques and forearms.

  1. Rows

Every strongman and strongwoman need a strong back. A Strong back is a foundation of great Overhead Press and if you do back exercises before pressing it keeps your shoulders healthier. Rows are great for back strength. Here are two different rowing variations you can do.

Close Grip Row

Penlay Row

  1. Clean & Press aka Keg Lift

Pressing heavy objects overhead is in every strongman competition. You can do Clean & Press or just Overhead press. If you want to do more cardio then do Clean & Press.

Keg Lift


  1. Carries

You can do so many different variations of carries. Here are my favorites because you can do these heavy. These are great for upper back strength and core. You can make it more difficult if you don’t hold on to your wrist.


Here is a recap of these exercises. Choose one exercise per category. Try to do all 5 exercises without any breaks but take a break if needed. After you have completed one exercise from all 5 categories have a 90-second rest. After that continue until 15 minutes is up. You can also change exercises during your workout inside a category.

  1. Sandbag to Shoulder                   8 reps

-Atlas Stone


  1. Farmer’s Walk                              60 sec


-Staggered Farmer’s Walk

  1. Row                                             10 reps

-Close Grip Row

-Pendlay Row

  1. Overhead Press                           10 reps

-Clean & Press


  1. Carry                                            60 sec

-Bear Hug Carry

-Zercher Carry

Rest 90 sec

We have over 40 videos on our Youtube channel of different exercises you can do with your Radien Sports Strongman Sandbag. Check them out and have a great workout.