Powerlifting Socks and Slippers

24.90  inc. Vat

Radien Sports deadlifting socks and slippers are designed specifically for Powerlifting competitions and any Deadlift training. Socks’ reinforced chin area protects your shins while doing deadlifts. Slippers are made of leather top and rubberized non-slip sole. Reduce your range of motion to lift bigger in the Deadlift! The textured rubberized sole helps provide grip on the platform, even works with sumo deadlifts.

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  • Radien Sports Deadlift Socks and Slippers
  • A requirement in all Powerlifting Competitions for Deadlifting
  • Available in EU sizes 35-48
  • Knee-length socks protect chins in deadlifts
  • Get low to the ground to minimize bar path for that big deadlift


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